The Local Farey Tale of the Slugburger

Slugburger (mustard, pickle, hold the onions) at Borroum’s Drug Store, Corinth, MS

Whew! Made it to Episode 2 – The Local Farey Tale of the Slugburger!

I love interviewing Tale-Tellers but sometimes it just takes time to gather their stories. While I’d like to provide episodes more often, once a month feels like a pretty big accomplishment right now. I do hope you stick with me – and spread the word as I build momentum! 🙂

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Note: The photo is from the first (and only so far…) time I tried a Slugburger. Now that I know even more about them, I can’t wait to go back and explore the Slugburger Trail!

Listen: The Local Farey Tale of the Slugburger

Episode Notes:

The Local Farey Tale of the Slugburger is told in 5 chapters (averaging 10 minutes each) by mixing together the voices of the following Tale-Tellers…Annemarie Anderson (Southern Foodways Alliance), Angela Avent (Main Street Corinth), Bryan Huff (The Independent Appeal), Jessica Huff (McNairy County EDC and Chamber of Commerce), Ms. Pat Knight (Pat’s Cafe), Derek Pirtle (Dub’s Burgers), Holly Poynor (Latham’s Hamburger Inn), Christi Knight White (Johnnie’s Drive-In), Whitney Worsham (Crossroads Museum), and Boyd Yarbrough (Oren Dunn City Museum)

Find out more: Willie Weeks, Weeks Family Slugburger History, Southern Foodways Alliance Oral History of the Slugburger, Dudie Burger Festival, Blue Suede Cruise, Slugburger Festival, Rockabilly Highway Revival, Jumpin’ Gene Simmons, Brittany Howard“Stay High” Video, Charley KylesThe Slugburger Song Commercial

Credits: Music by Anisha Thomas, Artwork by Jonathan Reich, Narrator, Concept, Production and Editing by Nora Vetter

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