Date Shake Tale-Teller: Russell Schubert

Photos provided by Russell Schubert from the Valerie Jean Date Shop archive.

Date Shake Tale-Teller: Travis Brown

Travis Brown (Photo provided by China Ranch Date Farm)
China Ranch Date Farm Date Shake (Photo provided by China Ranch Date Farm)

The Local Farey Tale of the Date Shake

Date Shake at Hadley’s Fruit Orchards in Cabazon, CA

Episode number 3 is complete! (And I’m already working on number 4!)

I encourage you to keep an eye on the “Date Shake Tale-Tellers” posts as I’ll be sharing some photos from Russell Schubert’s archive soon. I feel incredibly honored that he shared these Valerie Jean Date Shop related photos and articles with me and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Also, I’ll be offering “bonus” audio with “Date Shake Tale-Teller” posts on the Local Farey Tales Podcast Facebook and/or Instagram pages. I often end up with too many wonderful soundbites (a good problem to have) and so this is one way I can still share some with you! 🙂

In the meantime, you can listen to the episode under “Listen Here” on the menu or click this link. Then learn more via the hyperlinked Episode Notes.

Note: The photo is from the first (and only so far…) time I tried a Date Shake. As it becomes safer to travel, I look forward to properly exploring the “Date Shake Region” more thoroughly soon!

Listen: The Local Farey Tale of the Date Shake

Episode Notes:

The Local Farey Tale of the Date Shake is told in 4 chapters (averaging 10 minutes each) by mixing together the voices of the following Tale-Tellers… Maureen Boren (The California Date History Museum), Travis Brown (China Ranch Date Farm), Bob Harrick (Oasis Date Gardens and Woodspur Organic Date Farms), Charles Phoenix, Heather Raumin (Shields Date Garden) and Russell Schubert (Valerie Jean Date Shop)

Find out more: Russell Nicoll, Valerie Jean Date Shop, Walter Swingle, Hadley’s Fruit Orchards, Cabazon Dinosaurs, The Romance and Sex Life of the Date Film

Credits: Music by Anisha Thomas, Artwork by Jonathan Reich, Narrator, Concept, Production and Editing by Nora Vetter

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