Meet the Farey Godmother

Photo Credit: David DeNee

Nora Vetter is the Producer aka Farey Godmother of “Local Farey Tales” Podcast.

Born and raised in Nebraska, it wasn’t until she left the state that she became aware of how unique some of the food/beverage was that she grew up with. Mention of Valentino’s Pizza, Runza and chili served with cinnamon rolls was a shortcut to getting to know other Nebraska transplants and she quickly discovered that the “local fare” language wasn’t reserved for Nebraskans. Everyone had their own local fare speak and she always sought it out when she traveled.

These experiences inspired her to find out more about the tales behind these local fare flavorites and she knew a simple web search wouldn’t do. She’d have to seek out the tales from those that knew it best. And thus, “Local Farey Tales” was created…

Nora spent a decade-plus in NYC and currently resides in Los Angeles. She’s visited all 50 states, 20 (and counting) MLB stadiums and is working on visiting all 7 continents (5 to go!)…with a lot of local fare tasting along the way.