The Local Farey Tale of the Slugburger

Slugburger (mustard, pickle, hold the onions) at Borroum’s Drug Store, Corinth, MS

Whew! Made it to Episode 2 – The Local Farey Tale of the Slugburger!

I love interviewing Tale-Tellers but sometimes it just takes time to gather their stories. While I’d like to provide episodes more often, once a month feels like a pretty big accomplishment right now. I do hope you stick with me – and spread the word as I build momentum! 🙂

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In the meantime, you can listen to the episode under “Listen Here” on the menu or click this link. Then learn more via the hyperlinked Episode Notes.

Note: The photo is from the first (and only so far…) time I tried a Slugburger. Now that I know even more about them, I can’t wait to go back and explore the Slugburger Trail!

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