Coffee Milk Tale Teller: Christopher Martin

Photo provided by Christopher Martin

The Local Farey Tale of Coffee Milk

Photo provided by Christopher Martin,

Woohoo! An ice-cold caffeinated beverage cheers to the arrival of Season 2, Episode 2! I had to pivot along the way and unfortunately, that meant a delay. But I’m so happy to share that the season has (finally) continued with “The Local Farey Tale of Coffee Milk”!

This episode marks the first time I’ve formally acknowledged my “independent podcast” status in an ask for support. It feels weird but I know it’s a necessary step that I needed to embrace to keep the podcast going.

One of the many things on my wishlist to bring Local Farey Tales to the next level is to take a course on sound editing. I’m self-taught so far. I know a class would likely help me improve more quickly and also give you, the listener, an improved listening experience, too! There’s one particularly troublesome edit in this episode that makes me cringe. You may notice it and you may not. (We are our own harshest critics after all.) But I’m hopeful more editing knowledge will reduce cringing, too! 🙂

Back to Coffee Milk, this is the first local fare I have featured that I haven’t experienced myself. But you will learn in the episode that the majority of us have experienced a version of it without realizing it. (How’s that for a tease?) As always, I was extremely grateful to all of the Coffee Milk Tale-Tellers for participating but I felt especially lucky to get to speak with Richard Field and John Barr. Two people who played pivotal roles in helping Coffee Milk become the Rhode Island State Beverage. (What a story!)

You can listen to the episode here or anywhere you stream podcasts.

Note: Since I haven’t experienced Coffee Milk firsthand, this was the first time I didn’t have a reference photo, too. Thankfully, Coffee Milk Tale-Teller, Christopher Martin helped me out with that.

Knoephla Soup Tale-Teller: Mark Heidrich

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