Pasty Tale-Teller: Lynn Spurling

Pasty Tale-Teller: Mike Kiernan

The Local Farey Tale of the Pasty

Pasty from UP North Sandwich & Pasty Co, Richland, MI

Phew! This episode marks the end of Season One!

And what an episode it is! It is the longest episode to date and I must admit, it could have been much longer! As always, my Tale-Tellers provided me with an abundance of wonderful content. Take your time with this one. Lots of potential rabbit holes of info to go down. 🙂

This episode features the Pasty. A local fare I first heard about when visiting Michigan. I had zero clue at the time of how far-reaching yet still distinctly regional this fare was at the time. But when I started research for this episode it soon became clear. While I’ve kept my previous episode interviews within the U.S., this time the tale couldn’t be told without international voices and I’m delighted that so many agreed to contribute!

You can listen to the episode here (or anywhere you stream podcasts). BUT if you stream elsewhere, be sure to check out the supplemental content via that same link.

Note: The pasty photo is from the only time I’ve had a pasty so far. However, thanks to a recommendation from David Oates, I’ll be headed to Grass Valley, CA for their Cornish Christmas and trying another one soon!

Listen: The Local Farey Tale of the Pasty

Episode Notes:

Final episode of Season 1: The Local Farey Tale of the Pasty is a global tale told in 5 chapters (averaging 25 minutes each) layering together the voices of the following Tale-Tellers… Nicholas Davey (Orange Spot Bakery), Jean Ellis (Keweenaw Kernewek), Glyn Hughes (Foods of England), Mike Kiernan (Cornish Global Migration Programme), David Oates (Camborne Twinning Committee), The Pasty Guy, Marilyn Philbey (National Trust of Moonta), Leah Polzien (Pasty Fest), Deborah Reeve (Redruth Town Councillor) and Lynn Spurling (Kernewek Lowender)

Credits: Music by Anisha Thomas, Artwork by Jonathan Reich, Narrator, Concept, Production and Editing by Nora Vetter

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