The Local Farey Tale of Burgoo

Bowl of Burgoo at The Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, KY

It’s official…the first episode has been sent out into the world! And I’m absolutely thrilled that I can share it with you. I had an abundance of material to work with for this episode…which means, that I’ll be creating “bonus content” in the days, weeks, months ahead. So be on the lookout here or on social media – like a Burgoo Easter Egg Hunt!

Since I’m just starting out, the podcast was the focus but the supplemental content here will follow shortly. In the meantime, you can read the Episode Notes and listen to the episode under “Listen Here” on the menu or click this link.

Note: The photo is from the first (and only so far…) time I tried Burgoo. After speaking to the Burgoo Tale-Tellers and assembling this episode, I can’t wait to experience it again!