The Local Farey Tale of Loco Moco

Loco Moco at Kualoa Ranch

Just in time for Labor Day Weekend listening, it’s a new episode of Local Farey Tales!

This episode (6!) features Loco Moco. Although the dish has escaped it’s original borders of Hilo, Hawaii, and can be found here and there around the globe, it is still very much a beloved local fare.

As I listened to the Tale-Tellers speak about the dish, I couldn’t help but think about doughburgers/slugburgers/Dudie Burgers as the Hawaiian-style burger was described. And wondered…has anyone created Southern fusion Loco Moco? Which then had me wondering about other local fare fusions/mash ups. As the podcast grows its audience, I would love to have live shows interviewing people about iconic food at different state fairs. Perhaps I’ll just have to add a food truck to that plan and offer some of these local fare fusions. 🙂

You can listen to the episode here (or anywhere you stream podcasts). BUT if you stream elsewhere, be sure to check out the supplemental content via that same link.

Note: The photo is from the only time I’ve had Loco Moco so far. I had wanted to try it and the cafe at this tour stop was my only opportunity. It was okay but after hearing everyone speak of all the other options in Hawaii, I can’t wait to go back and properly sample a few!

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