The Local Farey Tale of Berger Cookies

(DeBaufre Bakeries) Berger Cookies from Baltimore, MD

Introducing episode/chapter 5…The Local Farey Tale of Berger Cookies!

The goal is to always get a new episode out the first of every month BUT sometimes the information doesn’t surface on my timeline. I had the wonderful opportunity to have a 2nd interview with Berger Cookie Tale-Teller, Dean Krimmel, as he had gone further down the research rabbit hole of the Berger family history since our first interview. And I just couldn’t pass up the chance to include this additional information…even if it meant the episode was released a little later.

When editing this episode, I thought of a scrapbook class I took years ago. The instructor spoke about over cropping. Sometimes you can be so focused on cropping to the main subject of the photo that you end up cropping out some treasures that linger in the background. So always be mindful of what is around that subject as that may add another layer/memory to the story. That has always come into play when editing the Local Farey Tales episodes but particularly with this one. I’m lucky to always have an abundance of information to sort through but it does mean constantly walking that line of not “over cropping” but yet not getting too “into the weeds”. (I intentionally aim to keep each episode to an hour or under as another way to keep that balance, too.) And now, even though it is out in the world, my brain still buzzes with editing thoughts… so that means supplemental content may be coming soon. đŸ™‚

You can listen to the episode here or anywhere you stream podcasts.

Note: The photo is from the second time I’ve had Berger Cookies. On a recent visit to see my Brother and Sister-in-Law, I discovered that despite living in Baltimore for a handful of years, they had never tried a Berger Cookie! So as an unofficial representative of Local Fare, I felt obligated to fix that. Of course, the bonus was that I got to have one, too.

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