Listen: The Local Farey Tale of Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing

Episode Notes:

The Local Farey Tale of Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing is told in 4 chapters (averaging 10 minutes each) bottling the voices together of the following Tale-Tellers… Marilea Hull (Tasty-Toppings), Dave Korger (Tasty-Toppings), Monty Lynch (Grandson of Dorothy Lynch and Son of Neal Lynch), Cheri Schrader (Platte County Museum), Mena Sprague (Mother was first cousins with Dorothy Lynch) and Tiffany Stoiber (GROW Nebraska)

Find out more: Dorothy Lynch recipe ideas, Nebraska Sunrise cocktail recipe, Favorite Recipes of Dorothy Lynch and Her Daughter Sally Cookbook, Howard County Historical Society (St. Paul), Gordon “Mac” Hull, Dusters Restaurant, Buy Nebraska, Bruce Bartlett, Cornhusker Ordnance Plant,

Credits: Music by Anisha Thomas, Artwork by Jonathan Reich, Narrator, Concept, Production and Editing by Nora Vetter

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At the St. Paul, Nebraska Legion Club people got their first taste of Dorothy Lynch’s Home Style Dressing.
1955 article about the early days of selling the dressing.

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